We pride ourselves on feedback from our clients that our bulls don't "melt" after being put to work. Our bulls are not pampered, but are encouraged to learn how to forage before being supplemented for sale. We are also proud of the fact that we have among the highest intramuscular fat percentages in the country. This is due to the females we have purchased and the sires we have selected. We believe that fat coverage and high milk scores are some of the most beneficial traits of the Charolais breed and we have concentrated on securing these traits.


We also place a large emphasis on polled cattle however we do believe that some horned genetics are important to be incorporated in their bloodlines.


After only 10 years in the stud industry, and 5 years of bulls through the ring, we have achieved tremendous results and we are continuing to grow rapidly with over 500 females, 20+ donor cows and will be implanting over 100 embryos this year.


We fully guarantee all our bulls and females we have sold. Our upcoming bull sale page has information on our 2016 sale bulls for your perusal. Please feel free to contact us for further information and we wish all our clients a happy and safe 2016.



805 Conroy's Lane

ROMA, Qld 4455

Landline: (07) 4626 8353

Mobile: 0427 584 182

Email: fairfield1@activ8.net.au

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Fairfield Charolais is owned and operated by Lindsay and Belinda Hindle. Situated 28km South of Roma, Fairfield has been an influential step in evolving the stud. After a lifetime with cattle and originating from the Dawson Valley and then to the Langlo district at Charleville, where the Hindle family bred Santa Gertrudis cattle commercially over a period of 20 years. After purchasing Fairfield, the Hindle's decided that their Santa herd needed more frame and therefore began purchasing Charolais bulls, hence the stud was born.


The first drop of Charolais cross calves were considerably better than the straight Santa calves. After careful deliberation, the Hindle family decided to breed purebred Charolais and Charolais/Santa composites.


Baroola Xcavator was purchased in 2004 and was Fairfield Charolais first stud sire. Affectionately known as "Ted", Xcavator went on to have a considerable impact on the Fairfield Charolais breed. From that point Lindsay and Belinda have been researching and purchasing the best genetics available not only in Australia but also worldwide by widening their gene pool through the use of embryo transfers - however due to being a commercial enterprise as well through their property Larnook at Mungallala, the Hindle’s understand what is required of a bull in tough climatic conditions.