Lindsay and Belinda strongly believe that the female genetics are critically important to producing top quality progeny and have invested heavily in purchasing the best females that Australia has to offer. Through the use of Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfers, these particular females have enabled us to produce quality cattle. We are just as proud of our females as we are of our bulls.


The grand old matriarch.


Purchased in 2012 from Baroola Charolais, Karla at 16 years old is a grand old matriarch and was the cornerstone for Baroola as a donor cow and has passed on many top priced bulls and left excellent quality females.


The best polled female Fairfield has bred.


Fairfield Zoweena is possibly the best polled female to be bred on Fairfield. Out of an exceptional Fernvale cow (now deceased), Zoweena's genetics could not be overlooked.


Can Can has extreme length and a deep body giving her the important wedge shape found in productive cattle. In all other aspects she meets the highest standards one could set for femininity, fertility functionality and efficiency. Her EBV’s are very strong across the board with a top of the range 13+ for milk.


Cherry Ripe’s pedigree demonstrates the depth of Fernvale’s female breeding in this cow. A 5th Generation Donor Dam just entering her peak productive years. Names like Cynthia, Primadonna, Jacie and Vienta add up to hundreds of calves on which performance and consistency is based. Her Dam Vienta sold for $24,000.  


Cherry Ripe herself ticks all the boxes with sound structure, great extension through the front, heaps of milk, beautiful udder. Her wonderful calmness, femininity and ample scale complete the package. We have just weaned a poll red factor heifer, Golden Girl by Red Smoke who is an outstanding individual and possibly a 6th generation donor dam. Cherry Ripe's EBV’s are double breed average.


Cool Kate is a registered Donor Dam, a magnificent super strong breeding cow, and a 3rd generation Donor from this cow family. She is another example of the joining of traditional Charolais strength with high quality poll female lines. Sire Excalibur needs no introduction having been used extensively world wide in Charolais. He gave Cool Kate the bone, capacity, length and thickness when used over Fernvale Kool Kate. Kool Kate (with a “k”) was a great poll provider Donor cow and was already one step down the poll over French and has been a successful Donor dam for many years producing 42 progeny in that period. Cool Kate stands very proud with impressive neck extension with natural presense. Despite her big structure she stays well covered even in difficult conditions and milks consistently. Her udder and teats meet the Fairfield test and her natural calves have thrived. 


Red Factor donor dam consistently producing stud quality material. We are constantly impressed with this cows' performance - every female she has produced has scored an 8+ grade at weaning and the only bull has been retained (pictured above at 4 1/2 months of age). An exceptionally heavy milking cow, Zollie Pop has well and truly earned her place in the donor mob.


Very large framed polled female oozing softness. Purchased in 2007 for $7000 from the Greenwood dispersal sale, Victoria had donor cow written all over her. With an impressive show career, she had twice won champion senior cow at Canberra National Show and many other ribbons.


In 5 years, Victoria has produced a top priced bull and raised two sets of twins. With excellent milk and IMF%, Victoria has secured her position as one of the best polled females on Fairfield. 


Fairfield Charolais' Super Cow. Purchased alongside Greenwood Victoria for her exceptional depth, Xcellence is considered the best producing cow on Fairfield regardless of the bull that is joined to her. Also, she has only produced bull calves naturally and has shown extreme fertility in her flushing.


Her recently weaned first crop of embryo calves by MinnieVale Sundance (3 bulls and 3 heifers) are faultless and will hit the show circuit in 2013. We cannot stress the importance of this particular cow's genetics and her ability to produce superior progeny which includes top priced bulls over every sale.


Constance was purchased by Fairfield at a special female sale in Toowoomba after she was judged as reserve chapion heifer of the show. Constance has grown into a soft, framey yet powerful type of polled female.


She was last flushed to High Bluff Hank with excellent results. Her natural calf that we have just weaned by Palgrove Zillman is an absolute cracker that will be on the show circuit next year.


Affectionately known as "Bif", this beautiful heifer was purchased for $40,000 in the 2008 Palgrove Female Sale at 13 months of age. She still retains her Australian record breaking price for Charolais heifers.


Bif has grown into an exceptional cow, with huge bone structure, plenty of milk exceptional cow, with huge bone structure, plenty of milk and excellent muscling whilst still retaining her softness. Bif has become one of the family here at Fairfield with her docile temperament and has secured her position in the Fairfield donor paddock. 


Polled Red Factor by Palgrove Xcept. Palgrove Dulcie was purchased in 2009 as one of the top priced red factor heifers at that sale. We were drawn to this heifer as we have always wanted a top class female by Palgrove Xcept.


Combine her genetics with Red Factor and Poll made her our choice. Dulcie was first flushed to Pinay with outstanding results, delivering us 2 top priced bulls at Blackall 2012 sale and 4 classy females retained by Fairfield stud.


Purchased in 2007 from the Greenwood Dispersal Sale, Palgrove Estella had already logged an impressive career as a donor cow. Since being at Fairfield, she has been joined to Canadian sires High Bluff Hank and Harvie Redemption.


At the 2011 Roma Sale, Bill and Margaret Roberts purchased an Estella cross High Bluff Hank (LVH Fairfield Emblem - 1/4 share retained) for the top pice of $9000.00.


Purchased from Palgrove in 2009 for $9000, Refine is sired by WCR Sir FA Mac 2244 and considered a standout amongst the Fairfield herd.


Renowned for her softness, easy finishing and polled, Refine has been flushed to Irish sire Bova Sylvain resulting in 33 A grade embryos of which 8 embryo calves now weaned being 5 bulls and 3 heifers. A further flush to Pilgrim has resulted in 20 A grade embryos of which all have been implanted resulting in some excellent calves to hit the show circuit in 2013. Look out for her stud sire material coming through the ring in the future.


The Complete Package:

  • Exceptional Length

  • Exceptional Depth

  • Exceptional Milk

  • Exceptional Bone

  • Exceptional Softness

  • Exceptional Temperament

  • Red Factor

This cow really does have it all.


Bonnie is Lindsay's favourite Fairfield female. Attention was paid to her when she was shown at Beef Week 2009 by Quicksilver stud from Western Australia. Lindsay could not believe that a cow could have such size, bone and frame and yet retain her beautiful softness with femineity. Negotiations took place at Beef and we were elated to finally purchase her after running Reserve Champion cow at the Tamworth National Charolais Show and sale for $8000. Bonnie was first flushed this year to Red Smoke (USA) resulting in 9 embryos that are currently implanted in recips.