This part of the website has been designed for our clients to peruse the bulls that we have selected for our natural mating and also through the use of artificial reproduction and embryo transfers. 



Fairfield Charolais have invested heavily in the Charolais breed by purchasing top quality genetics Australia wide. The Hindle family seek out sires that have exceptional fat and milk scores which we believe is the reason that Fairfield Charolais consistently out performs with Rib and Rump fat measurements and intra muscular fat percentages (marbling). 


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The overseas sires that Fairfield Charolais select to use in their embryo transfer and artificial insamination programs are carefully inspected before joining to our donor cows. 


We aim to match sires with our donors to give them the extra "oomph" or back them off as needed. It is always exciting to see results of our embyro transfers - both the bulls and the heifers. 


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