We here at Fairfield Charolais take great pride in the feedback that we receive from our clients. The bulls that we have sold over the years have produced exceptional cattle and stood up to extreme seasonal conditions with ease and we are always thrilled to hear the results that these bulls give our clients. 



"We have been repeat buyers at LVH Fairfield Charolais for some years now. We have found the LVH bulls to be easy moving, good doing bulls with great temperaments that they pass onto their progeny. These bulls do and exceptional job for us in our lighter, breeder type country, producing good quality calves that grow into heavy steers and fertile females. They have stood up very well during the tough times over the past few years, and that has always been very important to us. Quality all the way."

Gavin & Carolyn Roberts

Charlies Creek, Injune, QLD.


"Wyadrigah Pastoral Company has purchased 24 bulls from Hindle’s / Fairfield over the last 4-5 years. These bulls were joined with a herd of Santa Guertrudis cows purchased from the Australian Agricultural Company in the Cunnamulla/Wyandra district. We have found these bulls to be great performers in the western areas and are very satisfied with the progeny produced from this herd of cows from the Northern Territory. The calves have proven to be above weight for age when compared with similar calves on the same property. Some of these cross bred steers are being fed in a feedlot to bullock weights and have performed very well on a feed conversion of 2.35kg per day and are about to come out of the feedlot at around 650kgs."

Frederick Barlow

Wyadrigah Pastoral Co, Mungindi NSW


"Fairfield Charolais bulls I have purchased over the past few years have proven to be good quality functional sires. They hold their condition well when working and through the off season. The progeny from our Santa cows are quiet and growthy calves that can go on to suit most markets, especially the EU feed-on market which we target."

Tony Finch

Trafford Park, Wallumbilla, QLD