Charolais in Australia


Boost Your Profits

Recognised worldwide for their valuable contribution to beef industry profitability, progressive commercial cattle breeders across Australia have picked up the Charolais advantage.  Charolais are one of the most important beefbreeds in Australia today, famous for their ability to add profit to beef production.


Charolais have easily adapted to all environments throughout the country, with the breed now considered one of the most reliable for cost-effective beef production. 


Charolais are renowned for their ability to grow fast, and produce consistent, high value carcases.  These attributes make Charolais cattle sought after across all facets of the beef industry, with producers, feedlotters and processors alike.


Increase your profitability

We all understand beef production is a business. Reducing overheads, reducing cost of production and increasing turnover all have a part to play in growing overall farm profitability. Successful commercial breeders remain focused on increasing the maximum amount of beef they can produce with available resources.


Charolais genetics can significantly increase total calf weight kilograms, and in so doing, increase profitability.  Charolais are renowned as a placid breed, docile and easy to manage, so important in the production of growing high quality beef.


Unsurpassed hybrid vigour

The introduction of the Charolais breed to the Australian beef industry is a cross breeding success story. The most significant reason to crossbreed is to take advantage of the natural phenomenon known as Heterosis, or Hybrid Vigour. Commercial producers understand this key advantage, and the money it places in their pockets. 


By incorporating Charolais genetics into your breeding program you can significantly benefit from the traits and characteristics this high performance breed can add to your herd and your bottom line.


No matter what your cow base, whether you’re in temperate areas or the tropics, you are still able to take advantage of the profit focused attributes the Charolais breed has to offer. Thousands of commercial cattle producers can’t be wrong.


Cut Above the Rest

Charolais have become a force to be reckoned with in the commercial market place. In 2008, over $8 million worth of Charolais bulls were sold at public auctions around the country, demonstrating the importance and relevance of this great breed of cattle. This number is set to increase, with more commericial breeders seeing the advantages Charolais genetics have to offer.


With demand outstripping supply, Charolais sired calves are continually commanding top prices in the saleyards. Many progressive commercial cattlemen using Charolais genetics are selling the progeny directly to feedlotters and processors, who understand the value of their growth and yield attributes. 


Consistent carcases time and again

The Charolais ability to sire consistent carcasses is well known, and proven time and time again. Many in the processing and retailing sectors regard the quality and consistency of Charolais as the breed’s real advantage, marking them as a preferred article, always in demand. With the Charolais carcases showing as much as a $200 advantage, it’s easy to see why. 


Charolais genetics continue to positively influence profitability in all sectors of the beef supply chain, adding value across the board for stakeholders.


Meat quality consumers appreciate

Beef production is about producing a meal and keeping customers coming back for more. It’s critical to present a product the end user wants – and enjoys. With a quality eating experience assessed by such factors as ‘juiciness, tenderness and flavour’ it’s important that animals have the genetic propensity to provide meat quality.


Charolais deliver these attributes, consistently offering meat tenderness, even fat distribution, and the ability to maintain required levels of marbling.


Breeding for Results

Prime lamb breeders do it. Pig breeders do it. Poultry breeders do it. They all take advantage of hybrid vigour and the money it makes them. Commercial beef breeders are now taking advantage of this “free lunch” by switching to Charolais. Can your business afford to ignore the benefits of hybrid vigour? If you answered no, Charolais is your answer.


Faster growth rates

Charolais are one of the fastest growing beef breeds in the world and are renowned for achieving desired weights, quickly.  This superior growth allows growers, feedlotters and finishers to meet targets sooner, saving on feeding and production costs. The attributes Charolais offer put cash in your pocket.


Excellent finishing ability

Charolais cattle are well known for high levels of carcase compliance. Charolais will consistently produce high meat yield and trimness, carcases that are on target, to specification, every time.





Fertile breeders

Big, active, performance recorded Charolais bulls are also known for their soundness and ability to get the job done, to get cows in calf and do it year in year out. Cattlemen across the country are taking out the guesswork, buying Charolais bulls designed to get results and make them money.


Crossbreeding flexibility

Charolais flexibility has proven itself all over Australia, where Charolais bulls continue to add value to herds of Brahman, Droughtmaster and Santa Gertrudis in the tropical North, and Angus, Hereford and Shorthorn in the temperate south. This adaptability has made Charolais the breed of choice for a diverse range of producers in a wide range of conditions.


Market suitability and identity

Charolais cattle are easily identified.  There is no mistaking Charolais infusion, regardless of what they have been crossed with. Stakeholders in the supply chain well understand the range of attributes and benefits Charolais cattle offer and actively seek out animals that will perform for them
– and add profit to their bottom line.